Rock Music and the Problems of Cultural and Style Integration
Rock music and its style directions are examined in the context of modern culture/ The antagonism between centrifugal and centripetal rock tendencies form undulating contours of the evolution with its rises (baroque-rock, art-rock, "neo-art") and falls (hard-rock, punk, heavy-metal) where rock returns to its "hot" roots. The process of culture, genre and style integration is especially active in art-rock getting different streams: European-like, Renaissance, Oriental, ballad, avant-garde, electronic art-rock and etc. Style thinking realizes itself under the conditions of collective creativity and engenders dialogue forms of style. The process of style individualization distinguishes rock and art-rock radically from mass pop-art, whose main principle is that of homogenization. Stylistic devices are analyzed in the article in detail (assimilation, stylization, parody).