3D Lorenz Attractor

3D Lorenz Attractor animation by a moving point (Java applet, 10000 points and 3000 points). Animation will appear in a new window. Close the window to stop animation. Animation speed may depend on number of points.
Lorenz 3D trajectory of motion of a point { x(t), y(t), z(t) } is ploted. Equations of the motion are
    x' = 3(y - x)
    y' = -xz + 26.5x - y
    z' = xy -z

The point starts at t = 0, x(0) = 1, y(0) = 0, z(0) = 0 and makes N = 30000 steps with dt = 0.01 untill t = 300. Color is changed from red to violet in accordance with HSB palette. All parameters are set in WRL files.

Lorenz Attractor visualization (Java applet, 30000 points, the 4-th order Runge-Kutta integration algorithm is used). JavaScript (20000 points).

3D Lab     tested with "Cortona 3.1" and "CosmoPlayer 2.1"
updated 25 June 2000