Controls, hints and tips

Controls for interactive applets

Click mouse or click + <Alt> to Zoom In x2
Click mouse + <Ctrl> to Zoom Out
<Shift> to modify Zoom In/Out x4

Controls for animation

Click mouse into the Julia-set to stop animation or Demo.
Click mouse into the M-set to stop "animation" and go to the mouse position.
Click mouse + <Alt> to Zoom In x2 (the applet stops animation before Zooming!).
Click mouse + <Ctrl> to Zoom Out.
<Shift> to modify Zoom In/Out x4 (or ^2).
<Enter> to set new parameters from text fields.

Steps - number of steps in animation
It - max iterations number
Delay - delay between two frames rendering

Animation hints and tips:

1. Choose an appropriate "delay" for your PC.
2. To restart an applet "reload" it (with <Shift> under Netscape).

All applets are optimized for 1GHz PC (You could pay Intel or AMD 100$ for they will make even more powerful chips :)

See also comments to the Boundary Tracing and the Distance Estimator algorithms.

updated 20 April 2002