Growth in complex exponential dynamics

This is parameter plane for iterations of the exponential map
    zn+1 = c exp(zn) ,     Re(z) < 50.
Maximum number of iterations is N = 7, 15, 50 correspondingly.

I "stole" these funny pictures from the preprints: "Growth in complex exponential dynamics" and "Ordering of the Mandelbrot-like set of the exponential map" M.Romera, G.Pastor, G.Alvarez, F.Montoya.
You can find "tongues, fingers, Cantor boucouets" ordering rules here.
See also Robert L. Devaney papers.

This is the general view with N = 100. You should be patient, as since iterations are rather slow :)

Click a picture to explore it.

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updated 20 June 2002