Controls, hints and tips

Controls for interactive applets

Click mouse or click + <Alt> to Zoom In x2 . Click mouse + <Ctrl> to Zoom Out. Hold the <Shift> key to modify Zoom In/Out x4 .

Computation time is shown (usually) in the Status bar of your browser at the bottom.

Controls for the "Shrimps Hunter"

Click mouse in the window to find period p of a point. Zoom In/Out like in all interactive applets.

Java performance tips

Modern 1GHz PC generates for several seconds amazing Mandelbrot fractals. Due to "just-in-time" compilation tiny applets (in the old Netscape_4.08) are only 1/4 slower then C++ programs. But InternetExplorer_6 (with MS or Sun JVM) is frequently 2-3 times slower and P4 usually draws fractals 2 times slower then Pentium-M or AMD chips.
updated 17 June 04